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Friday, September 25, 2015

Life by Vanilla

We found this to be a yummy option aside Death by Chocolate at Ashley's summer wedding.  This trifle was prepared in individual (9oz. "crystal" cups) and guests were welcome to take either or income cases both.

2 large boxes instant vanilla pudding

4 C half'n'half

1-2 loaves pound cake, diced

1-2 - 8oz. tubs of Cool Whip, defrosted

Prepare the pudding with the half'n'half (both boxes all the cream, and no extra milk.

Cut the cakes.

Using a trifle bowl or other clear glass, straight-sided bowl cover the
bottom with a generous layer of cake.  Spread half of the pudding
mixture over the cake.  Cover with cool whip.  Repeat with remaining ingredients.

At the wedding we also added a layer of strawberries.

My original recipe called for 1-2 tsp. almond flavoring in the pudding mixture.

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