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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fun Little Twist to an Old Standby

I was at a party this weekend and a friend commented that she'd missed my blogs and recipes.  Wow!  I've been working on building a website to share my recipes and have left the blog alone, obviously, for too long.  So with her inspiration, I write once again!

Family dinner - every Sunday at 6pm - is standard protocol at our house.  My hubby, myself, our four kids and their spouses/significant others, and sometimes my mom all join around the table for a meal together.  It's the only night of the week that we actually sit down to eat together what with the various schedules of my twenty-something's and their friends.  Planning a meal for up to 11 people every week can be a challenge.  Do I have enough sides for one, enough vegetables, a salad, meat and potatoes and of course, dessert? 

This last week I combed through my freezer to see just how far I could go before another OAM cooking and creatively found a way to last until Thanksgiving.  That put Chili Cheeseburgers on the list for tonight.  Super simple, tasty and different and easy to prepare for 10.

10-14 burger patties, some like doubles
12 buns
Thick sliced cheddar cheese
garlic salt
your favorite chili (I use Hormel, No Beans for this meal.)

Cook the patties and season with pepper and salt.  When cooked, cover with cheese.
Warm the chili.
Serve patties on buns, covered with chili.

Our sides were sautéed baby squash (just butter, salt and pepper), and a fresh summer salad. 

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